How we can bring back bible back into our lives

heritagebiblefellowship-05We have discussed the reasons why bible has become something of an oddity in the modern society and what it is that makes people bash Christianity as a concept. This time, we would like to talk about what we can do as Christians and believers and how we can help people realize once again that Christianity is the salvation and that the Bible is the book that is going to help us all reach that salvation.

In order to do so, we first need to let people know more about it. There has been an obvious decline in religious studies at all levels, starting from preschool children all the way to college students. We are not saying that religious studies and bible studies should replace sciences or anything like that. However, it would also be a good idea to teach Christianity at schools where children wish to learn about it. It is just as big a part of our history and our culture as literature and it needs to be taught. However, education does not end in schools. People need to learn more about Christianity in the media and at events that will be aimed at this, events where anyone can come and discuss religion and Christianity in particular. People have forgotten what it is all about and we need to remind them of this.

We also have to renew the interest in tradition, the American, western tradition that has since times immemorial included Christianity as one of its tenants. Tradition is going to church on Sundays at least. Tradition is gathering around in the evenings and talking to each other instead of staring at various screens in one’s home. Tradition is celebrating Christmas and Easter as religious holidays and not just times of the year when you get stuffed and drunk and talk about presents and money. Tradition is talking to your neighbors and helping them out. Tradition is being Christian and tradition is something that needs to be brought back.

heritagebiblefellowship-02In addition to this, we should also start talking to people who do not share our beliefs. In order to do so, we need to brush up on our knowledge and to be able to answer the questions that they might have. Christianity is a religion and a way of life that is very easy to describe and to “sell” if you’d like and if you are knowledgeable enough and if you are eloquent enough, you should have no problems convincing even the most stringent and dismissive of nonbelievers that there is something there and that there is more to Christianity than what they might consider to be Christianity.

Finally, we need to remind people of the Bible and everything that can be learnt from it. We need to remind people of the beauty and the message of the bible, the book that is the cornerstone of western culture and that will forever remain that.

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